Main Results

CLEAR 2.0 group purchases triggered more than 29,000 installations of solar panels, pellet stoves or heat pumps for heating or cooling in households.

The vast majority of installations were solar panels (71%), followed by heat pumps (18%). Consumer organisations have been raising awareness and providing testing results on above technologies in more than 80 magazine articles.

Thanks to CLEAR 2.0, consumers are now producing an additional 246 GWh of renewable energy per year, the equivalent of doing 15 thousand laps around the equator by car.

Households participating in CLEAR 2.0 achieved cumulative savings of 255 MWh/year and managed to directly use 26 MWh/year renewable energy they produced at home.

This means cumulative savings of 97t CO2/year, which is the equivalent to the CO2 emissions saved in one year by planting over 16,000 trees.